These products we provide portioned / sliced and marinated or breaded if desired. (e.g. pork steaks, chops, beefsteak, ham, pork tenderloin and fillet schnitzels)

These are prepared in a variety of ways: grilled, cooked, fried, stewed, sous-vide, or a combination of these methods. Within this range we offer a wide variety of products, such as cubes, strips, stews, sausages, spare ribs, pulled meat or hamburgers.

These products can also be portioned on request and can be spiced or breaded. (e.g. hamburgers, meatballs, schnitzels, bacon-wrapped sausage rolls and beef or pork sausages – or a combination of these)

Van Loon Vlees is also continuously working on innovative meat concepts, for example for the BBQ season.

We deliver our fresh products in a variety of packaging (MAP, vacuum, skin, sleeve, boxes).