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Tanaka possesses shaved mind with a widow’s peak and razor- razor- sharp blue-grey eyes (golden brown within the manga colored illustrations) which lead numerous to mistake him as a delinquent. Straight straight Back inside the very first 12 months at Karasuno, Tanaka had quick fuzzy locks colored in a light color. He could be typical in height and contains a slim, but build that is strong. He can make daunting faces to make an effort to scare other people, which Daichi scolds him for.

Personality Edit

Loud, hot-headed, and easily angered, he’s no complete stranger to fights that are picking. He could be also notably of a slacker, shown by his less-than-stellar work ethic at school along with his usual lateness to techniques. Despite all of this, he could be been shown to be caring and supportive of their teammates, as well as protective of their underclassmen. Tanaka does not just simply take kindly to people who belittle others, as shown when he grows upset at Kei Tsukishima for trash-talking others throughout their very first 3-on-3 match. In addition, he gets very excited and is effortlessly won over whenever he is called by an underclassma “senpai”.

When he gets thrilled, he could be often unstoppable in the court as well as uncontrollably loud, as demonstrated by their over-the-top cheering after he scores or brings down a move that is incredible. He has also the propensity to simply simply take down his shirt and spin it over his mind as he scores a point in methods.

Tanaka can be somebody with strong psychological fortitude, maybe not permitting himself be brought straight down by such things as being targeted or getting obstructed during games. He appears to understand he could be a straightforward target for some people and it has a great deal to enhance on, but alternatively of permitting those activities bother him he gets thrilled and keeps attempting regardless of what. But, also for Tanaka, things may be an excessive amount of and each 6 months or more he begins to think he could be absolutely nothing but mediocre. But, he tells himself that thinking like this is simply a waste of the time.

Tanaka features an interest that is large girls, as shown within the many posters of feminine idols that are published up in the room. One woman in particular who he’s a big interest in is Kiyoko Shimizu. He usually approaches her and tries to speak with her, though his improvements usually are ignored, that he claims turns him in. Tanaka frequently appears away on her, alongside Nishinoya, specially through the Tokyo training camp and matches that are official other groups just simply take a pursuit in her own.

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Back in third level, Tanaka had been classmates with Kanoka of Niiyama Girls’ High. The latter ended Single Muslim mobile up being constantly bullied by males because of her height while Tanaka would say she is awesome this way and would constantly cheer her up 1 . He introduced Kanoka to volleyball 1 , that your latter struggled learning but had been nevertheless cheered on by Tanaka 2 .

Tanaka later utilized in an unknown college in 4th Grade and eventually advanced level to ЕЊjitsu Junior High 3 . Despite both being from Miyagi Prefecture, the two just reunited during the Spring High nationwide Tournament in Tokyo 4 .

Back when Tanaka joined up with Karasuno, he previously brief, curly hair in a color that is light. He stated to possess dropped in love ab muscles minute he laid eyes on Kiyoko and proposed to her directly on the location 5 . Kiyoko rejected him straight away, but that failed to stop Tanaka from pursuing her. As a year that is first Tanaka ended up being a whole lot more volatile and impulsive. He couldn’t stay the unjust therapy the volleyball club ended up being getting through the college together with trash-talking by other teams. Tanaka initially desired to retaliate but became more mature once he saw the maturity and determination of their upperclassmen. He shaved their hair the following day, claiming it had been to simply help him feel refreshed 3 .

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Karasuno Tall Team Development Arc Edit

Tanaka, Daichi, and Sugawara greet Hinata and Kageyama.

Tanaka is first observed in the hallway with Daichi and Sugawara in the very first day’s school 6 . As Kiyoko draws near these with the members that are new registrations, Tanaka compliments her beauty, though she ignores him.

The three upperclassmen head down to the gym to begin practice and see Hinata and Kageyama already at the gym at the end of the day. Tanaka to start with attempts to intimidate the initial years, particularly Kageyama, who he recalls given that conceited setter from Kitagawa Daiichi. Engrossed using this powerful addition to the team, the upperclassmen don’t notice Hinata until he calls away because of their attention. Tanaka straight away acknowledges him as “that number one shortie” and enthusiastically compliments him for his confident playing design, despite their clumsiness and not enough height. But, his good mood is ruined whenever Kageyama and Hinata begin fighting, interrupting Daichi and catching the vice-principal’s attention.

Tanaka hastily attempts to calm the very first years down, nevertheless they ignore him and commence their particular mini-match. The match goes astray as well as the vice principal wounds up getting their wig knocked down. Tanaka starts laughing, though he attempts to suppress it.

Tanaka watches on fearfully as Daichi offers his message.

After Daichi speaks because of the vice principal, Tanaka appears utilizing the other people and quietly face him, getting intimidated when he realizes that Daichi’s annoyed. As Daichi starts to explain Karasuno’s objectives, Tanaka adds an issue about their nicknames. He quickly gets frustrated at Kageyama as soon as the second records that there are lots of other groups with similar objectives as Karasuno, but prevents as he views face that is daichi’s. He continues to be peaceful until Daichi kicks the 2 years that are first. Paying attention into the two argue outside, Tanaka starts laughing again.